www.wapdam.com – Wapdam Music, Wapdam Videos and Games

most people has wasted their time on the internet looking for the perfect place for mobile content. it is better you know that www.wapdam.com has all you seek for. wapdam is a mobile portal where you can download different varieties for your mobile phones. wapdam has no difference with waptrick downloads.


wapdam.com is an international mobile portal serving different countries irrespective of their language.  the website supports a different kind of languages so this way, different people all over the world can visit and have the contents of the website in their different languages.

What Content are Available on Wapdam

wapdam is the home of mobile downloads. the various kind of downloads available below:

  • free wallpaper
  • Ringing tones
  • videos
  • games for java
  • games for simbian
  • mp3
  • mp4
  • IOS downloads
  • blackberry download and so many more contents to download.

wapdam has provided and inbuilt search engine that help you search whatever file you want to download. it is not possible to browse through all files in wapdam. wapdam has over 1M of visitors  and a very close range of subscribers.

How to Download Wapdam Music

wapdam has a very large database of musical files. and these files can be in different formats like MP3, MP2, AAC, WAV and so much more. there are a lot of music lovers in the world today and music is now the most downloaded file on the internet.

download music on this mobile portal is very simple. you can follow through the music category to all the musical files you want. to make it easy, you can follow the simple steps below:

  • from your mobile device browser
  • visit the URL www.wapdam.com
  • then use the embedded search engine type in the name of the music you wanted to download then

  • your list of result will display.
  • click on the file you want to download and save.
  • If you don’t want to use the search engine then follow the next steps
  • click on the music category
  • select the category want to download from
  • mow you have a list of mp3 files
  • search and download the music file you want

Downloading Free Wapdam Videos

videos are available with different format and sizes. you can choose to download a full clip or a shorter one depending on your interest. videos are usually in mp3 and 3gp format. there are no differences from the wapdam portal and that of waptrick just like I said earlier.

How to Download Wapdam Videos

let us go straight to the instruction.

  • from the browser of our browsing phone enter the URL www.wapdam.com
  • the menu you find is exactly below the music menu. click on it
  • select the category of the video you will love to download
  • follow through with the category and select your video file
  • select the quality and size you will love to download
  • download and save on your device