The basics of Forex, FX, foreign exchange Forex, FX, and foreign exchange these all means the same thing. It is just the way different people would love to call it in the foreign exchange market. Most people involve in the foreign exchange market without even knowing. If you have ever travelled overseas to visit a different country and you have to change your currency to that of the country you are visiting, then you have traded FX In foreign exchange, there are always two currencies involved and one exchange rate.  (You cannot give more dollars in exchange for less the same dollar). How to tradeRead More →

Exxon mobil standout from being a regional marketer of kerosene in the united states to being the global largest and traded petroleum & petrochemical enterprise. This has being for 125 years. Exxonmobil was founded 30 November 1999. They function in virtually all the country around the globe and Exxon mobil is branded: Exxon, Esso and mobil.   They employed 75300 as at 2015 and controls the modern transportation, lubricate industries, power cities and provide petrochemical building blocks that leads to various production of consumer goods. as a part of the Dallas-worth metroplex, It has its headquarters in Irving, and Texas. Considering revenue, It is rankedRead More →