Forex FAQ and answers FAQ             How do you trade with candlesticks? ANS       Candlesticks are not enough criteria to trade. You have to be clear about the trade and never place a buy or sell because of an open candle. You have to look for other supports like the Fibonacci support and other indicators. FAQ             how do I deal with trade or start trading when I have not traded for a while. ANS       it is very normal to find trading difficult because there must have been a lot change in price from the last time you traded or took a break. It is advisable to tradeRead More →

Forex structure In the forex market we have different participants. All of the participant have different roles to play in the fx market. Variety of participant in the fx market are the: Inter bank Hedge funds Major corporations Institutional investors Fx market makers Individuals The inter banks are large forex players, they are the world different banks. They are the heart of the forex market. They buy and trade huge sum of currency 24 hours. Individuals no matter how large they are cannot be large forex players. The inter banks apart from being known as the heart of forex market; they consist of major commercialRead More →

Forex basics forex, FX, foreign exchange or the currency market is very interesting if you know the basics. In FX, people usually refer to the exchange rate as the price. It is really not the price but the exchange rate. Assuming 1EURO =1.21 USD then you say the exchange rate of EUR/USD = 1.21. The little or the smallest increment in the exchange rate is called the PIP. Foreign exchange rate The EUR USD average daily range is greater than 100 pips in a day. 100 pip EUR USD = $1000. To be able to understand FX exchange rate, you will have to consider theRead More →

The basics of Forex, FX, foreign exchange Forex, FX, and foreign exchange these all means the same thing. It is just the way different people would love to call it in the foreign exchange market. Most people involve in the foreign exchange market without even knowing. If you have ever travelled overseas to visit a different country and you have to change your currency to that of the country you are visiting, then you have traded FX In foreign exchange, there are always two currencies involved and one exchange rate.  (You cannot give more dollars in exchange for less the same dollar). How to tradeRead More →