Privacy policy privacy policy
we may choose to receive information about you from third parties. When you choose to access our website or any of our service from a third party platform, this may be applicable examples of third party functions are Facebook connect like following, liking and subscribing for our newsletter also when you bookmark efxnet.  However, this is possible when you gave public access to such as friend lists, ID, status, and also groups or pages. It is advisable that you review your privacy policy before accepting or linking any third party services. You may choose to unlike, unsubscribe and delete any third party services that you are not comfortable with.

Sharing our services at efxnet with friends

At Efxnet, we made it possible for users to explore our services also invite friends and family to to explore the same. Invitation of third party to efxnet services is allowed. Its important that you know when you use our share, invite and contact button that you are sending a text, mail or a call command directly from your account. Also, there are is a normal carrier charge depending on your carrier network. And the command is coming directly from your account efxnet has no access level to control any of this communication.

Efxnet Analytic Information

We may choose to use third party analytic services to collect information sent by your browser or mobile phones. This information help us measure traffics and we collect this analysis in aggregate form this way, it cannot be manipulated to identify any of our users.

Efxnet Cookies Informaton

Cookies are a small text file containing a string of alphanumeric characters. They are made to help identify browsers and help you navigate fast when ever you login into efxnet. Cookies report back to us on the activities you engaged in on our website like the links you clicked, pages you visited and actions you took on our other services. Using the browsers options, you can decide to clear persistent cookies from your browser. Persistent cookies help your browser on subsequent visit to our website. Some of our features may not function properly if your browser is set not to accept cookies.