Cancer is becoming a chronic disease in CanadaYet Canadians are not aware of survival rates OTTAWA (June 23, 2014) – Cancer is no longer a matter of life or death. Today, more and more Canadians are living long enough with cancer to see it as a chronic disease. However, the majority of Canadians and the health care system have not necessarily adapted to this change.Read More →

If you have always wanted to stream live channels from the comfort of your mobile then Mobdro app is the best tool for that. The application always looks for free video streams online and brings it to your mobile device. The mobdro app is easy application to download, explore and use. The downloading procedures are very easy. The mobdro app has two versions, which are the freemium and the premium. The premium version of the application is with extra features that makes it different from the freemium version of the app. If you want to purchase the premium version of the app, it is asRead More →

Xe currency converter: any device that alternate any functionality or working principle is a converter. Popular converters today are Xe currency converter, video converter, audio converter, unit converter etc. currency converters today are now very important in foreign exchange. The internet is a home of resources that you might have to pay to get access to many services, so when it comes to the use of XE currency converter it is very free. It is very wrong to think that a free source is not going to deliver a good quality. XE currency converter is worth using and recommending. XE currency converter provides you theRead More →

Mp3 converter Any device that alternate any functionality or working principle is a converter. Popular converters today are video converter, currency converter, audio converter; unit converter etc. people never gave attention to audio file format until the invention of sophisticated audio devices. Now your audio file format is very important as it can to some extent determine the file size and also the clarity of the audio file. Popular audio formats that can be used with mp3 converter are: WMA – Windows Media Audio (.wma) this is very close to the mp3 format, it is the Microsoft file format for encoding audio and its fileRead More →

Video converter | download free video converter Converter: any device that alternate any functionality or working principle is a converter. Popular converters today are: video converter, currency converter, audio converter, unit converter etc. the presence of various video devices today has made different video format known because not all devices accept all video format. Popular video formats that can be used with video converters are: AVI (Audio Video Interleave) the AVI format can be played using windows media player, apple quick time player and VLC. It has a great compression and was popular in propagating videos on the internet till the WMV came to reignRead More →

Mesentery – The new organ of the body discovered all this years, scientists just discovered a new organ in our body system. The organ is located in our digestive system and little is known about the functions of the organ. However, the physical structure is well known. Exploring this new organ will bring about a better understanding of intestinal diseases and cure to them. Research finds out that this organ is made of segmented and separated structures. However, recent findings tell us that the mesentery is a one continuous organ. J Calvin Coffey was the first researcher to bring to our knowledge that it wasRead More →

If you have ever wondered for an ad free and subscription free app that can serve as an alternative to whatsapp then you should try telegram. It is an application designed for messaging. And it considers the users time and security. It is an application that can work on your phone, tablet or your computer by synchronizing seamlessly across your contacts. The application supports the sending of text, media files, contacts and file formats like zip, doc, mp3, pdf etc. Problem solved by telegram The application solves the need of fast and reliable messaging. Groups supports up to 5000 members, and ability to reply orRead More →

Forex FAQ and answers FAQ             How do you trade with candlesticks? ANS       Candlesticks are not enough criteria to trade. You have to be clear about the trade and never place a buy or sell because of an open candle. You have to look for other supports like the Fibonacci support and other indicators. FAQ             how do I deal with trade or start trading when I have not traded for a while. ANS       it is very normal to find trading difficult because there must have been a lot change in price from the last time you traded or took a break. It is advisable to tradeRead More →

Forex structure In the forex market we have different participants. All of the participant have different roles to play in the fx market. Variety of participant in the fx market are the: Inter bank Hedge funds Major corporations Institutional investors Fx market makers Individuals The inter banks are large forex players, they are the world different banks. They are the heart of the forex market. They buy and trade huge sum of currency 24 hours. Individuals no matter how large they are cannot be large forex players. The inter banks apart from being known as the heart of forex market; they consist of major commercialRead More →

Forex basics forex, FX, foreign exchange or the currency market is very interesting if you know the basics. In FX, people usually refer to the exchange rate as the price. It is really not the price but the exchange rate. Assuming 1EURO =1.21 USD then you say the exchange rate of EUR/USD = 1.21. The little or the smallest increment in the exchange rate is called the PIP. Foreign exchange rate The EUR USD average daily range is greater than 100 pips in a day. 100 pip EUR USD = $1000. To be able to understand FX exchange rate, you will have to consider theRead More →