Pokemon Go – How to install Pokemon Go on Android and Apple

Pokemon Go is a game that explores capture, fighting, and swapping in the real world. Players can be found in the real world through the smartphone wizard, to arrest and combat. Players as a wizard trainer to grasp the more the wizard will become more powerful, and thus have the opportunity to catch more powerful and rarer wizard.

pokemon go

Pokemon Go is a reality-enhanced (AR) pet developed by Nintendo, Pokémon and Google’s NianticLabs company to develop a play against RPG. The July 7, 2016, in New Zealand in Australia starting, landing Android and iPhone platform, starting in the AppStore and GooglePlay.

Who can Download Pokemon Go

According to the survey, China’s eastern and southeastern coastal areas have been unable to play. But the sparsely populated areas do not seem to be locked, such as Xinjiang, the three northeastern provinces, Tibet, etc., it is estimated that Yunnan is also possible. Chongqing, Sichuan and other southern regions can not play. But we do not worry, you can follow my articles to detect specific methods of downloading and playing the Pokemon Go game.

The principle is to escape the system to make it feel that you are not locked in the area. Next to the top of the promotion will explain to you how to unlock the Apple IOS system, Android how to unlock, as well as some of the problems involved.

How to Download and Solve Android lock on Pokemon Go | Pokemon Go Login Method

  • First, the Android device needs to be Rooted
  • Download pokemongo and google framework (click here to start the link to download all the registration methods are)
  • Download Freelander (virtual positioning) and penguin accelerator (“dedicated online game accelerator www.qiejiasu.com”) and 360 super root (ROOT)
  • 360 super root (or other root to obtain root privileges)
  • Which is the most critical step, android can not open the system settings in the “allow simulation sites”, otherwise the game will appear fail to detect location
  • Open the penguin accelerator to speed up, open Freelander positioning to Australia or the United States. The following figure is the penguin accelerator connection using:

How to Use Virtual Positioning to Unlock Pokemon go on Apple IOS

The following are the most trending searches on the internet. or we can say they are problems needed to be solve on Pokemon Go

  • PokemonGo Apple iOS system lock area to solve
  • PokemonGo Andrews lock area how to solve? Pokemon Go Andrews lock area registration method
  • Pokemon GO wormhole how to play?
  • PokemonGo how to grasp the success rate of high elves pokemon go wizard to capture special props detailed solution!
  • PokemonGo not receive SMS verification how to do? Pokemon go Google account phone verification solution!

Though we have soved some of the problems. lets use this opportunity to look at pokemon go and Apple IOS users

Pokemon Go Apple iOS system lock areas and how to solve

IOS need to escape,  jailbreak in ios does not always comes easy so your attention here is needed.
Pokemongo has been on the service line, but because of the lock area’s sake, pokemongo national address a lot of players can not play the game.

To land or use the pokemongo national addresses, you will be needing the pocket monster tool. Once you have gotten the pocket monster, it will help you with the virtual positioning to solve your problem.

the next problem faced is the issue of flashback on ios. this will lead you to pokemongo jailbreak detection. If you are an ios jailbreak user, whenever the game is launched, you will get flashing the phenomenon. So go to Cydia next anti-detection plug-in, ios8 with the plug-in tsProtector8.

Cydia installed a virtual positioning plug-in, this plug-in there are many, with the “Anywhere! – Virtual positioning”

It is recommended that you locate to Australia or the United States, China may also be locked.
NOTE The first login needed to download and use is the Penguin Accelerator.