SBC, which is an acronym for South Western Bell Company, is a webmail service that gives communication access to families and friends and even business partners. It was founded in 1882, which was then known as the Missouri and Kansas Telephone company. It was under the single management of the bell system with Southwestern telegraph and telephone company of Texas – Arkansas, pioneer telephone and telegraph company of Oklahoma, and the Bell telephone company. This was in 1917, these three companies merged into Missouri and Kansas Telephone Company. Then it was later renamed Southwestern Bell Telephone Company in 1920 and later changes its name to SouthwesternRead More →

Apart the nutritional values, seafood are delicious and are becoming popular in the world today. And when you are in search of seafood, places like New York, Los Angeles and so many more are still very good to explore. As the demand on sea food grow so are seafood restaurants offering the services. If you are looking forward to enjoy seafood then you should check out the list of top 10 seafood restaurants bellow. I am going to make this list as simple as possible so if you have questions you can drop it bellow the page in the comment section. Top 10 seafood restaurantsRead More →

Just as we have Google to give us everything about the internet, Sciencedirect has all you need about science. Sciencedirect is the best electronic web portal all scientist should visit on a regular basis. It is comprise of more than 9.5 million sciences related articles with 2500 peered-view article plus over 11000 electronic books. | Science Journals | Science Articles Not all science direct articles are open access but science direct has made over 250000 articles open and free for all. So all the articles with open access are free and are peer-reviewed. The open access articles are free to be downloading depending onRead More →

What is chemotherapy? Chemotherapy involves using drugs to remove cancer cells. It is used against a large number of different cancers, usually in combination with surgery and / or radiotherapy. Treatment with chemotherapy can have several different objectives: Cure the disease permanently, in combination with surgery and / or radiotherapy Obtain a remission (the disease becomes undetectable) of long duration allowing a normal life Relieving the patient by reducing the volume of the tumor (palliative chemotherapy) Chemotherapy Medication Most often, chemotherapy is composed of a combination of several drugs that act according to different mechanisms. Thus the cancer cells are attacked simultaneously on several fronts,Read More →

Cancer is becoming a chronic disease in CanadaYet Canadians are not aware of survival rates OTTAWA (June 23, 2014) – Cancer is no longer a matter of life or death. Today, more and more Canadians are living long enough with cancer to see it as a chronic disease. However, the majority of Canadians and the health care system have not necessarily adapted to this change.Read More →

Mesentery – The new organ of the body discovered all this years, scientists just discovered a new organ in our body system. The organ is located in our digestive system and little is known about the functions of the organ. However, the physical structure is well known. Exploring this new organ will bring about a better understanding of intestinal diseases and cure to them. Research finds out that this organ is made of segmented and separated structures. However, recent findings tell us that the mesentery is a one continuous organ. J Calvin Coffey was the first researcher to bring to our knowledge that it wasRead More →